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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Romance and a*Contest* w/ Alison Chambers

Author Spotlight-Alison Chambers

Hello and thanks to Brandy for inviting me to post on her blog!  I’m also giving away a free e-copy of my book “The Secret Sentinel” to one lucky commenter selected at random!

 Here’s a little info about me:  Sandra Koehler, who writes under the pen name of Alison Chambers, was Vice-President of the largest association management company in Wisconsin.  She has traveled extensively and has also written for newspapers.  She first started writing when she was a teenager, sparked by an interest in Nancy Drew books and a desire to tell a good story.  She enjoys keeping her hero and heroine in dangerous and exciting situations against a backdrop of exotic settings, lost treasure and unsolved historical mysteries.  She has written seven novels, and besides writing, enjoys reading, playing piano and Green Bay Packers football.  Go Packers!

And here’s some info about my books: 

The Montezuma Secret  NOW Available on http://www.amazon.com/

Only $2.99 in e-book format for your Kindle, PC, iPhone, Blackberry or iPad

Murder and passion meet head-on in the steamy jungles of Belize...
Hunky Trey Zacco, gritty survivalist and host of the Miami-based Holiday Channel’s hit "Wildman" series and glitz and glamour girl, Erica Kingsley, host of the channel’s "Lap of Luxury" show, are thrown together in the steamy jungles of Belize as a publicity stunt and to search for Montezuma’s lost gold. Zacco cannot hide his resentment at having to share the spotlight with the flighty fashionista Erica, and he locks horns with her every step of the way as both try to ignore the strong physical attraction growing between them. But when Erica’s father's plane goes down in the jungle, Trey and Erica launch a desperate search to find him. And when members of the camera crew are killed and the equipment sabotaged, Trey and Erica find themselves stranded in the middle of the jungle, where no rescue crew can reach them.

The Montezuma Secret Excerpt-


    "Up?" she pointed, unable to believe her ears.
    Trey gave her a hard shove.
    "Get going!"
    "But how?"
    "Grab the vines and pull yourself up!" he shouted over the thundering rain.
    "You must be joking! It’s got to be one hundred feet high!"
    "Good calculation. Now move!"
    She stood her ground. "But why?"
    "A. There’s no other way. B. I’m ordering you to. And you’ll listen if you ever want to get out of here."
    Trey stifled an urge to smack her luscious wet bottom and watched in amusement as she struggled to grab hold of the slick vines, then smirked as she scrambled up a few feet and then landed in the muck with a splat. Her thick mane of black hair, once so splendidly coifed, was heavily matted and caked in mud.
    "Again!" he yelled.
    Raindrops, big as bullets, pelted her mercilessly. "I can’t do it. It’s impossible."   
    "Watch the master," he said, stowing the camera in his backpack.   
    He brushed her aside and grabbed one of the sturdier vines, then pulled himself up arm over arm with the agility of a spider monkey until he reached the top of the cliff where he had a perfect view of the lush jungle canopy and could see for miles.
"Now you know how it’s done. Get your ass up here or I’ll leave you behind."
    "You can’t do that. You wouldn’t."
    "Pull yourself up, Kingsley. If you have to, use the side of the cliff to push off and boost yourself higher. But watch out for the holes. There may be spiders and bats hiding in those nooks and crannies."
    Erica re-tied her sagging ponytail and pinned it to her scalp. Her breath was ragged, her heartbeat erratic.
    From above, she heard the sudden monotonous drone of a plane’s engine cutting through the rain splatter, then listened to the sputter as the motor spit and coughed, struggling to stay aloft. Wings slashed through the jungle over her head five hundred feet from her, both turbo props flaming. The plane wobbled and rolled before hitting the ground with an ear-splitting shriek of steel against steel followed by a blinding explosion of light that knocked her off her feet.
    A sickening sensation shot through her and she suppressed the urge to vomit. The stench of black smoke as dark as blood filled her nostrils. She knew what had happened. She hoped to God she was wrong, but more than ever she wished with all her heart and soul that she was still safely home in Miami Beach and that she had never come.
    From a safe distance, comfortably positioned to witness the entire spectacle, a smiling figure breathed a sigh of relief. It had all gone according to plan. On schedule and on time. They were right where they needed to be. Soon they’d both be dead and no one would be the wiser. Untimely accidents. Marauding terrorists. Ancient Mayan curses. Any excuse would do. Completely believable, considering the dangers of the jungle. They’d just disappear. Perfect. Simply perfect.

The Secret Sentinel-


Three lost keys to untold riches. Three cryptic rhymes. A secret society's deadly plot. When museum curator Savannah Rutledge steals her father's treasure map to impress her boss, she unleashes a Pandora's box of horror. Her father is killed and she is framed for murder. To atone for her father's death, she sets off on a cross-country chase for the treasure that ends with a dangerous showdown in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix. To get there she and a sexy stranger, Antonio Desada, follow a perplexing trail of clues that lead them to the keys that will unlock the mystery.


FIVE STARS AND A TOP PICK FROM NIGHT OWL REVIEWS--"The Secret Sentinel is a wonderful read and I highly recommend it. Look out Nora Roberts...there's a new author on the horizon."
FOUR STARS FROM THE ROMANCE STUDIO--"The constant action and adventure made this a very enjoyable read. If you loved the movie 'Romancing the Stone' this book will be a treat for you."
RT Book Reviews magazine--"Deception is the watchword in Chambers' thriller. The action is fast moving and the characters intriguing."
NIGHTS AND WEEKEND REVIEWS--"A wild mixture of National Treasure and Indiana Jones."

And a tease from The Virgo Secret:

Three Dead Men.  Three Missing Cornerstones.  One Deadly Terrorist Plot.  Alexis McHenry is kidnapped while searching for her missing father, who was researching  the mysterious Virgo Stone.  She is offered a deal:  find the Virgo Stone in ten days.  If she succeeds, her father will be released.  If she fails, her father will be killed and massive terrorist attacks unleashed on Washington, DC during the President’s Inauguration.  A sexy masked stranger accompanies her as her bodyguard to make sure she doesn’t escape while they follow a trail of cryptic clues hidden in Boston and Washington, DC.  But who is this mysterious man and just what is he hiding?  When his identity becomes suspect, Alexis wonders, is he only her jailer or something more?
Coming in 2011 from Amazon.com!

I’ve also written three political thrillers entitled:  The Time of  the Eleven, A Question of Conspiracy and Sworn to Silence that I’m planning to release on Smashwords.com.

Now tell me a little about you:  Who’s your favorite romantic suspense author and why?  I like Kat Martin.  She always has great characters and sure knows how to write a spicy scene!  One commenter selected at random wins a free e-copy of my book The Secret Sentinel”!

Alison Chambers


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    Your books sound very interesting must try them soon. I like JD Robb


  3. Thank you so much and get well Brandy from me too! Sandy/Alison

  4. Thank you everyone, I am sorry I didn't get this posted first thing yesterday morning. I was at the hotel getting ready to go to the doctor.

    Sandy thank you for coming on my blog it as an honor!!!



  6. hotcha12...you are the winner of my e-book "The Secret Sentinel". Congrats! Can you give Brandy your e-mail? Thanks...Alison

  7. hotcha12--or you can go to my website www.alisonchambersromance.com and click on the contact page and leave your e-mail that way...Alison