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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mom is sick...

Hi, My name is Macy and I am Brandy's daughter.  Mom is sick right now.  She is having more surgery complications. 

Mom has asked me to post this so that all of the Amazing Authors that she has "spotlights" set up for the end of April and May will know why she hasn't contacted them or updated the spotlights daily.  She feels very badly but she is just not able to do all of this right now.

We are praying for a quick recovery and we hope that you all understand.



  1. Let Brandy know that I'm thinking about and praying for her. You're such a sweet daughter to be taking care of your mom's needs. *hugs to you Brandy and family*


  2. Our prayers are with you both! Get well soon Brandy!

  3. As a special request, I'll send up healing prayers so your mom can get better and have no more complications and she can get back here blogging!

    *warm healing prayers going up*

    Get better soon Brandy!


  4. Best wishes and speedy recovery!