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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No Remorse by MaryLynn Bast *REVIEW* 4 stars  

Book #1 in the Heart of the Wolf Series

First I would like to say that I enjoyed this book.  The reason I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because I think it could have been more polished.  The scenes and plot were good but it just needed more lead in and pazzazz.  The sex scenes were the only scenes that I felt had the great detail and background. 

This book is about a female werewolf who has been on the run her entire life.   Amber and Blake draw you into their story from the beginning.  All you want is for Amber to have a normal life and for her to reconnect with the one person that ever showed her kindness. I liked the way the story progresses.  There is plenty of love, laughter, sadness, fear and mystery.  I loved the way Amber and Blake reconnected.   

The one thing I DIDN'T like is that Amber just takes everyone's word for everything, even when she finds out that everyone she has ever loved, lied to her.  She just accepts it and moves on with hardly any protest or argument.  It is an injustice to this otherwise strong character.   With everything Amber has been through you expect her to be more distrustful, or atleast I did.

I will sat that I plan on reading the next book in this series. I think that MaryLynn Bast has talent and I look forward to future books written by her :)



Due to her unusual birth, Amber has abilities no other werewolf has ever possessed. On the run since childhood, the lone wolf avoids contact with other werewolves at all cost, continually moving, constantly looking over her shoulder and always alone.

Everything changes when Amber saves a werewolf from the mere brink of death, Blake, the only werewolf to ever protect her. Love blossoms, but not without tribulations when Amber realizes she must help her new pack rescue a member who is being held hostage by a rival pack.

Warring with emotions of going from lone wolf to the pack leader’s mate, Amber must decide if she is willing to risk Blake’s life to know true family and friendship despite the fact that the Council is hell bent on locating her and will stop at nothing until she is found. Will Amber’s special abilities be enough to keep everyone safe?

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  1. Brandy,
    Thank you so much for the great review of No Remorse. I am glad you enjoyed the story and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the next books in the series.