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Friday, October 28, 2011

Ten Tips for Promoting Your Books on Twitter w/ Kayelle Allen ***GIVEAWAY***

Ten Tips for Promoting Your Books on Twitter

You have a Twitter account, and you know the basics. You can reply, retweet messages, include a link, and you know how to mention tweeps (Twitter peeps). So what else is there? Here are ten simple things you can do to promote your writing and your books on Twitter.

Bonus tip: Use your writing name as your twitter handle. Mine is @kayelleallen.

  1. Keep in mind that Twitter is a source. Use it as a tool to find new friends, learn new tricks, and in doing so, spread your name before the masses.
  2. On your Twitter home page, click the @yourname link to see a list of mentions and followers. Send out a "Welcome new followers" message and list your new tweeps. Be sure to include the @ symbol with their handles, so others can find them. People love to be mentioned.
  3. Follow other authors in your genre, and involve them in your tweets.
  4. Retweet their book announcements. What goes around comes around.
  5. When you read an article about books, marketing, or writing, copy the URL and paste it into Twitter to share with tweeps. Be a resource.
  6. Thank people for retweeting your tweets. To do this, highlight the message, copy it, then click reply, and paste it into the blank message. In front write "Thanks for the RT". If you're short on space, you can put TY 4 RT. This sends out your message again, and both mentions and thanks the other person. And yes, this is appropriate to do. You can also reply, and just say Thanks for the RT.
  7. For every one thing you say about your books, find ten things to say about others. If you do this consistently, when you post info about a book trailer, a new release, or a blog you've posted, your tweeps will retweet it.
  8. Use #hashtags that others are using. Click them, and they'll conduct an immediate search for everywhere the tag is being used, showing you some useful information. Some helpful ones: #authors #ebooks, #books, #amwriting, #askeditor, #nanowrimo, #pubtip, #writertips, #marketing... You get the drift. Here's a list for more ideas. http://is.gd/HmZiPI On the right side of your home page, you'll see Trending Topics. Click a few of these and read for a bit. Retweet ones that amuse or touch you. You might find a new follower or someone to follow as well.
  9. Click the Who To Follow link, and check out some new people. One of Twitter's best features is it lets you meet and follow people you'd have never met otherwise.


Kayelle Allen's motto is "romance lives forever." She enjoys hiking, movies, reading, and SciFi conventions. A multipublished, award winning author with character-driven, plot-heavy SciFi Romances, her worldbuilding skills include alien languages and 10k years of future history. Kayelle is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, unforgettable passion. Find Kayelle Allen at these fine bookstores:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, or wherever good ebooks are sold.

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Here's the question to answer on the blog: What's a favorite hashtag you use on Twitter?

Good Luck everyone!!!  I would like to thank Kayelle for coming on my blog and I hope you all enjoy the post.  I know I did :)



  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Brandy. Hope you like your stencils! Here's the tenth tip:

    10. Use a site like HootSuite or TweetDeck to share your posts. Each of these has its own URL shortener, which allows you to post a longer message when you share a website. They also help you track mentions and keep up with certain hashtags.

    Twitter can do many things. Once you play with it awhile, you'll learn more. I've had a great time with it. It makes promo fun!

  2. These are great tips for twitter. Social media is still a learning experience for me and I appreciate the help!

    Alison Chambers

  3. Kayelle thanks for being on my blog :)

    @Sandra/Alison I can definatly use these tips aswell, it can be very confusing


  4. I'm taking notes! Great tips Kayelle. I'm always looking for a little more to do with Twitter. Thank you.

    Favorite hashtag is #amwriting or #amediting.

  5. Great advice. I'm rather lax when it come to twitter. I'm not much of a twit.

  6. Kayelle, great tips. I didn't know about #6! Thanks for the great post! --Liz

  7. Glad I could provide some insight for everyone. I'm definately a twit myself, so I feel right at home on Twitter. ^_^

    The winner of the ebook download is Janice. I emailed you offsite, Janice, and hope to hear from you soon!