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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Write What You Feel by Venus Cahill ***CONTEST***

I'm a big believer in the old adage write what you know.
Or rather what I should say is write what you feel. I cannot talk for all writers but for me there is always a piece of myself in everything I write, the need to relate to one of my characters, which is why I prefer my heroines to be curvy girls. I hated the fact that all the girls and later the women who resembled me were either the best-friend, the third-wheel or the comedic relief. I didn't want to be the side-kick, I wanted to be me and get my sexy man.

Even as a child when I would spin tales of fairies and princesses they always looked like me, after all I couldn't rely on picture books or television where all of the pretty girls were always blond, thin and beautiful. I'm beautiful too so why can't I have my very own fairy tale?
Now don't get me wrong I still want the fantasy of the typical romance novel but I want to be able to close my eyes and easily picture myself in the heroine's shoes. Shoes in most cases I would not be caught dead in, really if you knew what a klutz I am you would understand the horror the thought of spiked high-heels instills in me.Just because I write my women on the curvy side does not mean everything I write about is autobiographical. To my knowledge, I have never met a werewolf or a vampire; I have never had sex with a stranger in a darkened photography development lab and I've never murdered a co-worker. Yet every piece I write is a piece of me, full of my feelings and emotions, the imaginings of my soul.
I write because I have to, it is a something I have to do, something that makes me happy. It is my passion and in so doing I feel I must stay true to myself and that is why I write curvy women. I am a different kind of heroine and I chose to believe that there are others out their like me.

My name is Venus and I write stories where the curvy girl gets her man.


You can blame my parents for my love of reading and my personality! My first vivid memory is of my mother sitting me down on the potty with a book in my hands. Ever since then I will read anything available including extremely outdated magazines and shampoo bottles (rinse and repeat).
As far as my personality, when you are named for an amatory Roman Goddess you can’t help but start reading Harlequin novels when your classmates are still reading Judy Blume.
When I was a teen my father used to yell at me to get outside in the fresh air and I would have to sneak a book down my pant-leg, which was no easy task seeing as I was (and still am) a supreme klutz who trips over her own feet at least twice a day.
I usually have a minimum of four books on the go at the same time. I read fiction and non-fiction anything I can get my hands on; I love kilted hotties, demons with hearts of gold, and shape shifting Alpha males. My favorite heroines are curvy gals, after all I find them easy to relate to. However my favorites are happily-ever-after romances.


*** Venus has a new book out Cupdakes For My Birthday.   She is going to give away an ebook to a lucky commentor so make sure to leave your email addy.  You do not have to GFC my page but it would be appreciated.  I hope you enjoy Venus' books as much as I do.  Venus, thank you again for visiting us!!!*** 

Cupcakes For My Birthday by Venus Cahill
ISBN: 978-1-927027-53-0

Karen is a curvy girl who leads a rather staid life that is until she decides to get a tattoo on her birthday. Now she finds herself experiencing more excitement than she has ever had in her entire life. Hunter has been fantasizing about his new neighbour for months but he can’t tell if she’s just too shy or not interested. When she walks into his tattoo parlour he decides that it’s finally time to find out and to make his move. Can two people from different worlds come together and find true love?


Moonlight Tales by Venus Cahill & Ashley Marie Lucas

When the bodies of beautiful blond women start showing up in Silver Wolf territory Alpha Jason Likos contacts the Blue Moon pack to help him solve the murders. Detective Phoebe Azure and pack Beta Alex Yarrow are sent to help solve the crimes but as soon as they arrive in town they are get a very unwelcome surprise.
Phoebe’s Wolf by Ashley Marie Lucas
Used to relying on her detective skills and her were abilities Phoebe Azure is beyond frustrated to find herself in serious trouble. The only man who can rescue her is Silver Wolf Alpha Jason Likos but can he save her in time to catch a murderer and find Phoebe’s missing friend?

Yarrow’s Vampire by Venus Cahill
Honoria, ruthless mistress to the Haven Coven is used to defending herself from those who wish to over throw her and gain control but she has never had to defend her heart before. Can a strong man of action like Beta Alex Yarrow be content to let his woman fight her own battles?

Buy Link

XOXO Publishing

Christmas Anthology Vol. II (Sweet)


Love Tells All - Valentine's Day Anthology

A collection of romantic stories set around Valentine's Day.


A Mother's Day Anthology - A Mothers Love is always Abundant

A collection of stories, memoirs and recipes that celebrate a mother's love. Give a copy to your mom today!



  1. Brandy,
    Thank you so much for having me!! With my day job I won't be able to check until this evening but I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and giving away a free book :-)

  2. Congratulations Venus you rock.
    Another big girl, Audrina

  3. Congratulations Venus, it was an honour to write with you in the Sweet Christmas Anthology and in the Mothers Day Anthology. You are a really gifted Author. Wish you the best of luck with your sales.

  4. Audrina and Kristal thank you for stopping by Venus is awesome isn't she :)

    @Venus you are sooo welcome you can come on my blog anytime!!!


  5. Wow Venus, I love that you use us "big beautiful women"!!! All women are beautiful and some of us just have more to love, lol Congrats on your new book it looks yummy :)

    Psi Girl
    psigirl at yahoo dot com



  7. hi I'm new to the blog :D I'm a big girl *waves* i read and review books so i'm really glad i'm following this blog.

    your book looks amazing and im glad that use big girl are getting a chance to shine :D

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  10. Thanks for posting ladies! Wish I could have played all day but I had to get to the day job. I'll be around tonight and tomorrow :-)

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    @Brandy, you are making me blush. Thank you so much for hosting me today.

    @Psi Girl -- I totally agree everyone deserves their very own happily ever after!

    @hotcha those covers are fabulous aren't they! Kayden and Amanda at XOXO Publishing sure do make droolworthy artwork

    @annmarie thanks for stopping by the blog. As a curvy girl myself I find it easy to relate!

  11. I am glad you write because I love to read. LOL
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  13. Hi, Venus! *waves* Great blog post!! I love all of your covers! :) Is that Jimmy on the cover for Cupcakes for my Birthday? Love him!!
    Love your blog, Brandy!! I'm now following!


  14. Kristina she is awesome and I love the Mother's Day cover. I am following you back!!!


  15. I totally agree with you, Venus, you MUST write what you feel! Everything I write is "written from the soul". I have that tattooed on my back shoulder because it defines me as a writer.

    Great getting to know you and I look forward to checking out your books.

    All the best success!

    Brandy, I'll share this on my wall for ya.


  16. @musicalfrog as an avid reader myself I know the joy of reading. Hope you like my offerings.

    @Kristina great eye that is Jimmy! The cover artists at XOXO Publishing did a fantastic job with my covers.

  17. @Brandy you really are a sweetheart girl!!

    @Gracen thanks for the kind wishes! Wow great tat idea. I was thinking about getting "to thine own self . . ."

  18. Venus, it was SO much fun meeting another curvy romantic at the Lori Foster event. I'm so glad I got the chance to know you! Congrats on your huge wave of success!

  19. @Kristina, thanks for coming by!!!

    @Gracen you are awesome, thanks for sharing!!! What does your tattoo look like???

    @Cindy I am honoured that you stopped by. I love your work :)

    Thanks to everyone who came by and I will be contacting Venus and we will announce the winner. Thanks for your support.


  20. @Cindy Thank you so much for those wonderful words! I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was for me to meet YOU!

    @Brandy Once again thank you for having me on your blog :-)