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Friday, January 27, 2012

***REVIEW*** Children of the King Book One: Washed Under the Waves by Gloria Clover


A prince in disguise.

An unknown island. Tsunami. Political coup. Pirates with lasers. And true love.

In the future, when the King sends out his children to reclaim the lost lands, Prince Geoffrey Athan D’Ambrose quests to Undae Island, the smallest of all lands in its archipelago. Top of his class and eager to prove his worth, Athan chafes at the need to be disguised as a tutor.

Lady Tayte Bashan knows her black hair doesn’t qualify her to rule any island, let alone one in such disrepair. She hopes when the prophesied prince arrives he picks another bride.

The people of Undae hide from their past pain in the pleasures of entertainment. Then, a darker need surfaces. And the waves rise.



This book was interesting and but a little confusing when they talk about the King. I was told it was a futuristic book and it was BUT it all took place on an island that had never been touch since it was first inhabited by a Roman's family atleast until a man who was shipwrecked and 2 who landed with parachutes about 100 years before the story starts. They didn't really bring much to the island as far as technology so they have lived the same way for thousands of years.

It is your basic prince and princess romance with "The King" whom you later discover to be Jesus in the mix. I like how they bring "The King" to the people of the Island but I found there interaction with Jesus alittle far fetched. I pray, but they see him and carry on long conversations and he comes to them in person and celebrates with them at there festival. I don't know if the Rapture has taken place and he is on earth with us or if it is another explaination. It turned me off alittle but not enough that I didn't want to read the whole book.

The drama on the island picks up as the book goes along and there are some amazing twists and turns in the story that leave to wanting more right up till the end. Some scenes drag while others go by way to fast. I would love to read the 2nd book in this series, if only to see where they author goes from here.


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