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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kristal McKerrington is here with us today and were having a CONTEST!!!

Hello all & Brandy'z,

            My name is Kristal McKerrington and I'm so honoured that Brandy'z let me run wild on her blog for the day. I have so much news to share, but before I do I will give you a little information about me for all of you, who don't know me.

            Kristal McKerrington is a twenty two year old writer from Scotland, UK. She has a love for Scotland and for Vikings. Kristal has only recently started to publish with XOXO Publishing, she lives with her boyfriend in the heart of Glasgow. Kristal also has a love for going out with her boyfriend on their motorbike and spending long hours soaking in her bath tub writing her stories.

            She is the author of 'Freedom Is Earned', 'The Highlander With The Ink, apart of the Tattoo Anthology Volume 1', 'A Different Life: A Christmas Tale of Two Hearts', 'A Highlander Norse God: Leather Bound Hearts', which is apart of the 'Sweet Christmas Anthology', 'Shetlands Immortals: Against My First Love' and 'Immortal Chief's Christmas With King Arthur'.   Coming soon she has 'A Different Life: Three Lane Highway', 'A Different Life: A Valentines Save', 'Immortal Chief's Search For The Shetlands Immortals' and 'Burning From Within: A Day In The Life Of Kristal McKerrington.'

            All right lets to my news I'm sharing with you today.  I now run my Live Chats With Kristal McKerrington over on Justin TV every Friday at 12pm Est or 5pm UK.  For all of you, who would like to stop by to catch with me and sometimes I have guests. The books are open for more.    www.justin.tv/kristal_mckerrington

            I'm blogging on Sweet and Sexy Diva blog now every 3rd Tuesday there too.  You will hear my latest news and I even talk about the 'MUST SEE' books in my mind on there too. I will have a repeat author spotlighting there called L. Anne Carrington, who is one of the very few Wrestling Fictional Authors that is our there.  http://sweetnsexydivas.blogspot.com/

            I currently have a press release out right now too, which is doing well from what I hear. It was done by the amazing Gnosis Arts out of New York and I'm proud to introduce you to the Press Release that talks about my NEW release that has just started to be released.  Check it out here for all the gossip. http://www.pressreleasesonline.net/2011/02/new-book-genre-groundbreaking-book.html

            So far I have a very productive month with my book releases. I have released 'Shetlands Immortals: Against My First Love', 'The Immortal Chief's Christmas With King Arthur' and 'A Different Life: A Valentines Day Save'.  We are just about to release the book before the Valentines Day special, which is called 'A Different Life: Three Lane Highway' as well. So I have placed the blurbs below of my different works so you can get your teeth sunk in and get ready for them. All the buy links are below also.

            Before I hand you over to the blog I want to remind everyone that I'm going to be at Night Owl's Chat on the 8th of March and I have a Radio interview with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen on the 14th of March over on her Blog Talk Radio Site. The link to the Radio Station is below. I will keep everyone up to date on the time on my Twitter Account, which you can follow on www.twitter.com/K_mcKerrington  and the radio Station link is:- http://www.blogtalkradio.com/prempromotions

Shetlands Immortals: Against My First Love

            'Carla McBain was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl, until one late night in October; Carla was murdered in her dorm room. Carla was scared until Oscar and Daryl meet her on her return to the Islands, to meet her parents.  After confronting her, they realise that she is a new Immortal.

After staging her death, the pair convinces Carla to return to their Holy Ground, where they tell her everything that they know. They train her until the day comes that the Islanders grew suspicious of her presence there within the Old Viking Temple.

Deciding it’s safer to leave, they head out into the night in search of someone else who can tell them the truth about why they are Immortals. What will they find?

Can Oscar and Daryl survive outside of the Temple with a young Immortal?

How did they end up Immortal and why are they protecting her?

What happens when she meets her first love who is responsible for her being Immortal in the first place?'

            Immortal Chief's Christmas With King Arthur

            'The Immortal Chief tells the tale of his Christmas with King Arthur. How he meets Krystal-Marie, and saves King Arthur from becoming and immortal too young!  What will happen between the two of these young Immortals who have walked into the unknown together?'

            A Different Life: A Valentines Day Save
            'From the very start Layla has been confused with her ideals, but this Valentines Day the gloves are pulled off as the most the original match ever seen in WWIC's History is revealed and the groups tested to their limits.  An emotional Layla has to deal with her Twin being with her boyfriend and when everyone thought that Valentines Day was lost, can A Valentines Day party save it or will it just make things worse? Are you ready to see more behind the scenes of Layla's life, learn more about Marie, take on the brothers of heart breaking and self destruction and a boyfriend that should come with a warning?'

            I hope you have enjoyed having me here today and I hope that Brandy'z will have me back soon, because I can promise you that I will have loads of Ebooks coming out really soon. So stay safe and enjoy the books. Huge hugs to all of you.

Kristal McKerrington
XOXO Publishing Author.
Buy Links:-

Starting today, February 27th,  through 11:59PM, on March 3rd everyone who comments will be entered to win a copy of  one of Kristal's books.  Please feel free to spread the word and email me with any questions brandyzbooks@yahoo.com . 


  1. Although I'm writing werewolf space operas now, MY FAVORITE CULTURES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE SCOTS & THE VIKINGS! Okay, add Native Americans and that isn't a lie. ;) A DIFFERENT LIFE Bk 2 sounds awesome! And I'm going to have to break my diet and eat chocolate because Kristal lives in Scotland too! *sniff*

  2. Wow Kristal you have been one BUSY, BUSY girl!! CONGRATULATIONS!! What great accomplishments, and in such a short amount of time!!! You go girl!

    Wishing you the best of luck!


  3. @Skhye, It always amazes me how much we have in common when it comes to what we like in books. Scots, Vikings and NA are my first pics aswell :) I can't wait to read your new werewolf books.

    @Andrea, Thanks for popping over and commenting. Kristal has done alot and has quite a few books coming out. I know you like scots so these should be right up your alley :)




  6. What a backlist you have already, Kristal!! Congrats on your many, many releases. :)

  7. Hi Hotcha and Tina. Kristal is amazing isn't she??? I can't wait to read her books myself!!!


  8. Nice back list. Good luck with your new release. I wish you many sales.


  9. Congrads Kristi you have been buzzy !!! good luck with your new release ;) . Great job on the interview Brandy !!! i cant wait to read some of Kristi's books another new author to add to my wonderful list !!!
    kat ;)

  10. Hello all,

    Thank you for all the comments. There is more books coming @Skhye and @Andrea. We have 24 left to come out in 'A Different Life Series' cause it has 2 more spin of series and one of which takes a tour round Glasgow, Aberdeen, Orkney and Shetland.

    I have 16 pieces of work ranging from short stories all the way to 200 or more paged books so I can promise there will be loads to get your teeth into.

    I will also be giving away there is another 22 books to come from the Shetland Immortals Series too. So loads to keep your eyes out for.

    Thank you @Hotchat, great to see you here Tina. I've been working on getting a good backlist. Thanks to Janice and Kartina for the wonderful comments too!

    Its been a huge honour. I would love to come back in April Brandyz if you will have me, because I will have the release of my short story Autobiography of how I got started as an author along with a 'Scottish Time Traveling Higlander' with a dark past and secert. Searching for the wife, who might just break that curse. If only he can keep her safe from the Duke, who wants her dead for his own reasons.

    I hope that you have all enjoyed me being here and will be over at the Live Night Owl Chat on the 8th of March or might stop by for my Live Show on the 4th.

    Kristal McKerrington

  11. Congratulations Kristal! Showing your support and what great blog! Gina



  12. I know one thing...you are one busy woman, Kristal! I wish you all the best, sweetie!

  13. You are one busy young lady Kristal :-)

    Great job on the blog Brandy!!

  14. Stopped in to check out Kristi's blog...impressive list of works. I'll be looking her up. Thanks for the invite, Brandi.

  15. My post didn't show up. So I will try again. Sorry if it pops up twice. Awesome guest blog by Kristi. Impressive lists of work. I'll be checking them out. thanks forthe invite, Brandi.

  16. Thanks Janice, Kat, Renee, Venus and Patricia for coming over and checking out all of Kristal's hard work. She is amazing isn't she :)

    @Kristal I would love to have you back in April, just email me a date that your thinking of. I wish I could go to the chat Monday but I will be having surgery:( You will have to let me know how it goes!!!!


  17. Also thanks to XOXO for coming to support Kristal :)


  18. Hello,

    Thank you for stopping by Gina, Renee, Venus and Patricia. Gosh I've been running around like a headless chicken these last few days trying to keep up with my boyfrined and get my writing done. I can tell you its been exhausting.

    We will be giving out a copy of 'A Different Life: A Valentines Day Save' tomorrow so get those heads a thinking of good questions or any comments you like for a chance to win it.

    I had a review and its links below if you would like to check it out. It might help inspire you to win it.


    I have nearly finished book 5 of this series and book 2 of the spin off series. I can tell you its certainly been fun working on this series.

    This Friday I have a live Chats With Kristal McKerrington, (Covers to be won) over at www.justin.tv/kristal_mckerrington at 12pm Est or 5pm UK time then will be at the Night Owl Chats on the Monday at 8pm Est for all those of you, who want to stop by and win some stuff then too.

    I heard from Brandyz that I will be back on the 1st of May for the Autobiography short story of how I got published in May. I'm so excited! I have really loved being here.

    Thank you again Brandyz for having me.

    Huge hugs to you all.

    Kristal x

  19. Thank you Kristal for coming on my blog and I look forward to hearing more from you in May :)


  20. Hi I love your work and love kristals books also , Great job on your blogs and chats

    Thanks Cathy

    If I win Brandy has my email:)

  21. is amazing! I am very happy for this!

  22. Hello,

    Wow I can't believe we have reached the 3rd all ready. I cna't believe its that time again. I had such a hard job picking a commentor to be honest. I finally made my pick and hope Brandyz can get in touch with them.

    so drum roll..........Skhye won the book. If you didn't win don't be down hearted cause on the 8th March I will be back again for Night Owl Chat and I have my Live Chats With Kristal McKerrington tomorrow!

    So make sure you stop by and enter in for another chance to win.

    Kristal x

  23. CONGRATS Skhye!!! I sent you and email with Kristal's contact info in it:)


  24. Wahoo! :) THANK YOU!

    **My word verification is grati** How fitting! LOL