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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love is Love with Deanna Wadsworth

     Well, first things first, I am ever so grateful that Brandy has allowed me to hijack her blog today. You're the bomb-diggity!

     We all know what holiday just passed, the ever popular and the often dreaded, Valentine's Day. And while we all may have different ideas about VD (I just love calling it that) we all know that during February everyone wants to talk about LOVE. Being in LOVE. Getting some LOVE. Showing LOVE. Reaidng about LOVE.

     Therefore, in the spirit of LOVE, I wish to remind everyone LOVE knows no bounds. LOVE knows no gender.

     LOVE is LOVE.

     And as romance writer, I suppose I am in the business of spreading the LOVE.

     No, I am not wearing a diaper or those gold shorts that Angel of Love is wearing either.

     What kind of LOVE am I spreading lately? Where are my arrows of Love and Lust being directed?

     Why hot man on man luvin’ of course!

     My fave thing to read and write.

     Have you ever read an m/m romance? That stands for male/male as I so awkwardly had to explain to my mother. As a woman who still cringes at the P-word (you know which one I mean)and finds that same bit of
anatomy ‘icky,’ how could I convince her of the appeal of two gorgeous men together?

     I couldn’t.

     So I just lied and said, "Well, it’s popular, Ma and I wanna sell books."


     Um…. (((hangs head to hide evil grin))))…yeah, I lied. But what mamma don’t know won’t hurt her! LOL

     In truth I have been avidly reading m/m for only a short time. I was introduced to it about a year ago but I was hooked from the get go. As a writer who suffers from WADD (Writers Attention Deficit Disorder) I never have a shortage of ideas simmering. And all of them lately are m/m.

     Why is this?

     Because two men in LOVE is a beautiful thing. What a gift to be allowed
to follow the special journey of two strong males as they let their guards down and become intimate together amidst prejudice, hatred, fears, intricate plots and obstacles! It is a Happily Ever After you have to read to believe.

     As a "Literary Cupid," my goal is to convert as many women as possible into reading m/m. I have converted most of my friends, I am happy to say!

     The rest of you have no idea what you are missing!!!

     If you are already an m/m reader you KNOW what I am talking about. If not, might I suggest stopping over at my http://deannawadsworth.blogspot.com/ , where you can read my FREE m/m short story LEAKING PIPES. You will never think of plumber’s crack the same way again!

     LEAKING PIPES is one of 25 m/m stories available for FREE download in an anthology put together by the awesome group M/M ROMANCE over on http://goodreads.com/. The collection is called STUFF MY STOCKING and the download link is on my http://deannawadsworth.blogspot.com/  He, he, he, see how sneaky I am making you visit my blog, too? Don’t worry there is plenty of eye candy to make it worth your while. And believe me…you won’t regret snatching up these naughty boys for your Kindle!

     I also have one more m/m book to add to your collection— which I know you will start building once you read your first m/m romance. It is my holiday erotic short story SECRET SANTA.

     All this weekend at http://rainbowebooks.com/ you can download SECRET SANTA for FREEE!!!

     Did you hear that?!
     I just hooked you up with two FREE BOOKS!!!
    Now before you leave the awesome Brandy’s blog in your rush to get a fix of hot man on man luvin,’ I would LOVE to know whether or not you have ever read an m/m novel or short story.
      If you have, what was it that you liked about it?
      If you haven’t, please leave a comment, as well.
     Everyone who leaves a reply will be entered in a random drawing to win my m/m erotic retelling of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW from DECADENT PUBLISHING.

     Thanks for stopping by! And thanks Brandy for having me!

    And please don’t forget:

    Love is Love! It should be celebrated, embraced and enjoyed in all of its many facets!



Deanna Wadsworth is an erotica and m/m author. Her books are available at Decadent Publishing and on Amazon for Kindle. You can visit her blog Deanna Wadsworth- Midnight Ramblings of an Erotic Author and hang out with her on Deanna Wadsworth's Facebook Page where she enjoys posting pics of hot guys and chatting with folks about anything canine, book, sex or alcohol related!



  1. I finally got it fixed Deanna. Thank you for thinking of me. For some reason it decieded to play musical pics and move them around and decided to delete part of it but I got it fixed, lol

    I hope that you like it!!!

  2. I haven't read any of your work yet, Deanna. Must admit, I recently purchased a M/M by accident through Kindle. And a Sci-fi to boot. It was... pretty interesting! I mean seriously, the dom had not one but two constantly 'rising to the occastion pieces'. For a hetro like myself, that alone kept me reading!!!

    Will I pen an M/M anytime soon? Unlikely. Too old fashioned at the moment. But, Kudos to you for expanding the pallet. I'm pro all walks of life and sexuality so I say...you go girl!

    Wishing you the many, many sales!

  3. I sometimes enjoy m/m, when it's well written. I will certainly check out your books, Deanna!

  4. Hi Deanne, ** Waves ** Honestly I have never read m/m Im not sure why,,,I have never been recomended any, have never read any great reviews.. I think If I was to come across one to read as a freebee I would certainly check it out and go from there !! Thanks for the above freebee links above I will take the time to read one and see how I go !! I am open minded and enjoy a good love story !!!
    Kat ;)

  5. Well, Brandy it looks beautiful! :) I don't know what it is with computers sometimes. They are out to get us, I say. Because I refuse to admit its human error! LOL

  6. Thanks for stopping by ladies!

    @ Sky- That is hi-lar-ious that you bought a m/m by accident! I'm glad you found it kept your interest, tho!

    @ Fran- I hope you enjoy it!

    @ Katrina- You will really like the Stuff My stocking anthology because it is a sampling of some pretty fantastic authors. Definitely a great place to start!

  7. Hi Deanna,
    Ur books sounds interesting tho as a rule I'm strictly a M/F romance reader...great job, Brandy and best of luck to u, Deanna. I have an author friend who writes M/M romances, maybe you've met her along the way, Clare London. Her M/M books are the only ones I've ever read...so far.

  8. Great job, Brandy.

    I've always thought it was sad that some men prefer other men and some women prefer other women, but I'm sure they are no different than anyone else--they just want to find love.

    My husband and I are friends with many gay men. Good luck Deanna.

  9. Hi Deanna! Just checking on ya... Yep. Still wicked! ;-)

  10. I'm not really a fan of m/m but I will read anything that is well-written and I agree with you Love should be celebrated in all it's forms.

  11. LOL, explaining M/M to your mother! And then lying. My side hurts from laughing so hard. It so reminds me of when we had to explain to my grandmother (may she rest in peace and not role over in her grave) that the "friend" my female cousin brought to visit and shared a room with was a "special" friend!! My grandmother, for the one and only time that i knew her, was SPEECHLESS! SPEECHLESS! Oh, it's still a memory I love (is that devilish?)

    Congrats and wishing you many sales!


  12. Deanna thank you for the intro to your work. I will be checking it out.

  13. Thanks you Sky, Fran, Katrina, Tabitha, Sandy, TO and Venus for stopping by. I am also not used to m/m or f/f books BUT I have read the blurbs for Deanna's books and they sound awesome.

    Deanna has a m/f called Red Riding Hood and it looks amazingly HOT :) Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and support Deanna.

    @Deanna I don't know what was with this computer last night but it was like playing musical chairs, lol


  14. @ Tabitha- I have heard of Clare, but not read her. I will check her out!
    @ Sandy and Venus- Thanks for stopping by

    And as for the Occupant.....Did you expect anything else? *grins wickedly*

    @ Kim. LOL that is a great story!

    @ Savannah, I hope you enjoy the freebies!

  15. Thanks again for having me Brandy and all the hard work you did to make this blog so wonderful!
    You are the bomb diggity. I know no on says that anymore, but I'm bringing it back! LOL

    I will be drawing the winner of my book this weekend so everyone stay tuned!


  17. Thank you to Hotcha, Savannah & Kim ... for stoping by!!!


  18. Hi Ladies! Loved the post!! Definitely piqued my interest!

    I almost snorted tea out of my nose when you said you had to explain M/M to your mom!!! lol, that had to be interesting, to say the least!!! ha ha, and your comment about plumbers crack!! Too funny!!

    I have to be honest and say that I have NEVER read a M/M story before, but I am gonna check out your freebie!!!

    Love your covers!!! Yummy, and I think I may even see the lucious Sam Bond on one of your covers as well!! You're a lucky lady!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

    Wishing you the best of luck!


  19. Hi Andrea & Lin thanks for coming. Lin she does have a m/f book out Red Riding Hood. Talk to you soon...


  20. Hotcha, thanks for stopping by! Yes I actually write fiction, mystery and fantasy under me real name, none published yet :(. But Deanna is The Sultana of Schmutz....she will always write as naughty as possible. My next two books are m/m/f and m/m.

  21. Andrea, Yes it was awkward and she is still not happy with me *shrug* oh well. I hope you enjoy the freebies!
    I just learned the model's name is Sam Bond....I wish i hadn't because now I wanna Facebook stalk him! LOL

  22. Congrats Kim!! You're the lucky winner of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!
    Sorry it took me so long to announce the winner, but I got really sick for awhile :(
    I contacted you on FB so hopefully I can get you the book asap!